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county along the river in to poolesville and north of great falls. ashburn a little shower and to our south, ft. belvoir to mount vernon and in to charles county seeing showers. these will be light showers early. they will pick up the next few hours. you can see the action along the i-81 corridor. we are going up to 60 later on. grab the rain gear. it is 6:00 a.m. kris sneed is in for angie this morning. >> not seeing any problems due to weather on the roads but delays are filling out on 66 eastbound from 234 to route 29 in centreville and here at 50 over to 123. north of the beltway in virginia, no issues on the inner loop from braddock to 66 right now. everything is moving well. moving to the beltway in maryland, we have a disabled vehicle to watch for. it is on the outer loop ramp from route 50. it is blocking the ramp there and here no problems. we are starting to see a delay from university over to georgia. moving our graphics. route 4, route 5, 301, a little
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volume starting to build out here but no incidents to report and finally if you are heading in to the district, no problems. suitland parkway and south capital street. everything is clear in to the district. >> at the top of the hour, a story that is new at 6:00 here on 9 news now. mystery over the taped beating of a university of maryland student. you have seen the video of the student attacked by police last month. the the university is calling for an inquiry in to a another recording that has a 90 minute gap. it was subpoenaed by the victim's attorney. four police officers are on suspension pending an investigation. today family, friends and well wishes will have a chance to pay their final respects to brian betts. there will be a viewing tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 at the pierce funeral home in manassas,
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virginia. it will be a private service. 9 news now spoke with brian betts sister about her brother's legacy. >> he was our hero. he was my hero. he was my big brother but it was nice to know he was other people's hero as well that other people knew how great he was and that keeps us going. >> reporter: so far police have not made any arrests in brian betts murder. it is okay to brush your teeth, make coffee or have a drink of water in the district. the water advisory in northwest has been lifted. the water and sewer authority issued it yesterday after a spike in chlorine levels. it's conducted several test and found the water is safe to drink but advise you should let your tap run for ten minutes first. happening today metro in the highlight on captiol hill. maryland democrat chris van holland will put the transit agency safety issues in focus today. kristin fisher is live with a preview. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, andrea.
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it is certainly a judgment day of sorts for metro. this morning, house committee is going to be asking several key questions of metro leaders but the biggest question will be, should there be more federal oversight of metro? this is on a heel of a string of deadly met throw accidents over the past few months that left eight passengers and three metro employees dead. at the top of the a-- at the top of the agenda is safety and service. another problem on the table is the budget deficit confronting the transit agency and finally they will address metro's search for a permanent general manager to replace the old general manager which resigned earlier this month. so three main issues on the table at the committee hearing. now, jed, the three top leaders of maryland, virginia and the district, that's o'malley, mcdon't dell and may fenty held a press conference to say they
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will be calling for more accountability of the metro system at the congressional hearing. take a listen. >> we have an obligation and we would like too have more direct oversight over lamata and not less and i think that is the bomb line coming out of today's discussions. >> reporter: now again dc mayor fenty also issued a statement yesterday regarding the congressional hearings and we will let you know what he had to say at 6:30. back to you. >> thank you. should you pay more at the gas pump to help metro? dc councilman graham thinks so. he wants to hike the gas tax by ten cents with money funding metro but there's a catch. maryland and virginia counties sevenned by metro would have to enact a similar tax for dc's tax to take affect. from the trains to the planes, we checked with united airlines the morning flight from dulles to london should depart on schedule this morning. flights in to and out of europe
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are getting back to normal. stranded americans are coming back home. however, with 95,000 flights cancelled, there are hundreds of thousands of passengers trying to get on planes which are already booked. a washington state teacher is stuck in london with 55 students. >> we will be parked at heathrow with maybe a few hundred thousand other people waiting to get on our flights. >> reporter: it is not just passengers, airlines have to get their flight crews and planes in place and on schedule. plus, experts warn the iceland volcano and a neighboring volcano may not be done erupting. people across the country are helping those stranded travelers. a culinary school is cooking up meals for people stranded in newark airport. the sandwich includes sandwiches and brownies. time for a living smart report. and jessica doyle is looking at the financial impact of all of these flight delays. >> some of this may not go down
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well with a lot of americans. members of the airline industry are thinking they should get a government bailout because of the financial fallout of the volcano. >> oh, wow. the airports council international europe says there is precedence the u.s. government bailout of airlines after 9/11. the latest update from the international air transit association says volcanic ash clouds have costed the global industry $1.7 billion in the u.s. alone the cost of business is $650 million according to the u.s. travel association. today a big announcement from general motors. it wrote a huge check though the government. the ceo says gm repaid billion dollars in loans it got from the u.s. and canada an still owes $45 billion to the u.s. and $8 billion to canada. it plans to repay them with a stock offering. later today he will make a trip to washington to provide congressional leaders with an update on gm's restructuring he
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personally plans to foot the bill for his chartered flight. a presidential legal eagle is going to work for goldman sachs as the company fights government charges t. craig was the council until january. the move comes as they face allegations that the company and one of the vice presidents misled investors that bought come flex financial products that were expected fail. we saw big earnings from goldman yesterday but the sec investigation is overshadowing everything right now. >> even the stock went down. thank you, jessica. u.n. sam thinks you need less salt in your diet. the food and drug administration is asked by the institute of medicine to step in and reduce the amount of salt in foods. a lot of it is hidden. 80% of our salt intake comes from processed foods. the american medical association thinks 1,550,000 lives a year could be saved by a cut in our salt intake. seven after the hour. them white house is making a change to college sports.
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it involves title nine which involved equity in men and women's teams. learn about the reaction and change to it. we will start with live doppler 9000 hd because the showers are starting to cross the river out of virginia in and around charles county, south of la plata. we have light showers across the river in southwestern prince georges. heavier out of fairfax and loudoun counties and western montgomery and up in to frederick and washington counties watch for light showers. as far as the forecast for the rest of the wednesday we are looking at showers off and on. it will be a cool day. temperatures will start off in the mid 50 here as we get to the 9:00 hour. approach upper 50s to 60 for the rest of the afternoon. again with off and on light rain and showers, definitely a damp day across maryland. what about the traffic this morning? >> we have one issue to report. it is a disabled vehicle on the ramp from eastbound 50 to the beltway. watch out there if you are making your way too 495.
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going to our cameras. we are seeing no problems here at georgia avenue. moving over to 385 and germantown road we are seeing the same thing. a clear commute for drivers. up next we have olympian apollo oknow visiting dc. his message for kids is 90 seconds away.
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the most decorated athlete in u.s. hissy are in the
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washington area. apollo ohno visit middle schools and he wants children to have a positive outlook on life and avoid drugs and alcohol. he said he was helped by opportunities in his life as a middle schooler. >> some other kids may not have the opportunities or luck that i had so i want them to go educated about the decisions coming up in hair lives and know it is cool to make your own decision and do the things you want to do. >> ohno will be among the team usa athletes meeting with president obama today at the white house. it is 6:11. here's what is in the news now. the white house thinks congress will tackle climate change this year. it wants lawmakers to take on bills about the environment and energy. massachusetts senator john kerry could introduce the legislation next week. the parents involved in the balloon boy hoax will pay $36,000 in restitution.
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more than $48,000 was spent on last year's incident. virginia has one of the highest census return rates nationwide so far. 75% of the forms were sent back. maryland is at 73%. the district is at 67%. here's howard. what's happening. >> turning wetter and wetter. we are seeing the moisture come in from virginia to the district and maryland right now as it moves to the north and east. we will start with live doppler hd, i have to tell you, grab the rain gear, not raining constantly, sometimes a little sprinkle here and there but rain will be out there at times today and we are seeing it right now. most of it to the south and west. zoom in on live doppler 9000 hd to the metro and you will see in dc is still quiet but to the south a few sprinkles and northwest a few sprinkles, as well. a few honest to goodness showers from potomac to rockville. this is lifting northeast and the 270 corridor, another 20 to
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30 minutes will be on top of you. south of frederick route right now up to meyersville and hagerstown and down 81. loudoun county from leesburg to purcellville on route 7, 340 you will see showers out of west virginia to the berryville area. go farther to the south and west. the rain starts to get more solid south of stevens city through strasburg and wood stock there and over to bentonville. front royal. this is all lifting to 66 and one more stop toward culpeper and warrenton. we are seeing the heaviest stuff south and west of warrenton. here's culpeper. you can see how orange is seeing moted rate shower and even quantico has had a little sprinkle. the storm is coming from the south and west. heaviest stuff across southern virginia. the northern neck, southern maryland a better chance of seeing more moderate rainfall but we will definitely be dodging rain drops with highs
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lower 60s. yesterday around 670. tomorrow 70 with an afternoon shower possible. grab the jacket, some rain moving in here at the bus stop. 40s and 50s with sunrise 6:25. in 12 minutes. tonight or this afternoon cloudy and cool with showers and light rain. highs 60. the showers around this evening and will taper off by if not before midnight. 45 to 50 for the lows and winds to the west at five. picking up tomorrow from the northwest. 40s and 50s so warmer than it has been. cumberland 41. manassas 48, fredericksburg and national 54. the warm spot is annapolis and pax river 56 and winds light at three miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, today 61 with showers off and on. mild tomorrow. an afternoon shower is possible, 70. near 70 on friday. low 70s on saturday.
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but in the afternoon and evening showers may be moving in. the morning will be okay if you have an outdoor event. sunday, shower and maybe a thunderstorm. i will be in my rain gear noon to 3:00 and cool weather and damp next week. good morning, kris sneed. >> good morning. we are seeing no weather- related problems on the roads. we will start in virginia. 95 northbound a report of an accident on the hov lanes approaching newington. i'm hearing it is to the shoulder. slow prince william parkway to lorton and again a little break and then back down again to backlick road. moving to 395 northbound. tracking the taillights to seminary. five to ten minutes right now. we will watch it as it builds throughout the morning. going to the district, inbound new york, a slow down from the times building to bladensburg and back up florida avenue to the third street tunnel. checking out the graphics. an earlier disabled is now clear approaching the beltway.
6:16 am
you are slow from university over to georgia avenue on the beltway. flipping over and check out the camera. 270 southbound. a little volume here germantown to 370. no real problems and then you slow down to the split. beyond? >> thank you. our time is 6:16. this morning dr. dorothy height is remembered for her years of working for human rights. she died yesterday morning at howard university hospital. the former president of the national council of negro women was 98 years old. height spent nearly 80 years of her life on the forefront of the civil rights movement and fighting for the rights of women. >> she had a demeanor that brought people together and calmed things down and was known for the skill. she used great reverence and respect for how she articulated issues to bring people together. >> reporter: dorothy irene height received two of the nation's highest honors the presidential medal of freedom
6:17 am
and the congressional gold medal. at this point no funeral plans have been announced. democrat joe mansion was the guest of honor at last night's pirates baseball game. he accepted a check for $10,000 raided by pirates fans. the money will go to the victims ' families. the white house thinks it has a way to make sports more fair and representative in school. the obama administration reversed the title 9 that affects equality and gender. >> leveling the playing field when it comes to school sports. >> men's sports always dominate while women's sports took a back door to them. >> reporter: the obama administration is putting the spotlight on gender equality measures in sports on campuses. >> it's one of the great assets
6:18 am
and equalizers that women are finally getting a piece of. >> the 1972 title nine education policy requires that sports programs in federally- funded schools be fair toward both genders. the goal is to meet the athletic need and interest of women students in 2005 the bush administration amended the policy to allow universities to survey students interested in sports as a way to gauge athletic interest among women. critics argue that the low response rate cued the interest in sports. now schools will have to do more to prove they are complying with title nine. >> it will help to bolster title nine and ensure institutions do not discriminate on the basis of sex. >> reporter: for female athletes they say being involved in sports taught them more than just the game. >> as i get ready for the next phase of my life i believe sports prepared me for the
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various challenge i may encounter. >> reporter: women make up 55% of college students yet only 43% of athletes are female. in northeast washington, sandra endo for 9 news now. it is 6:19. ahead in sports the redskins release their schedule for the next season and gym one is a big one. plus, all the talk about terrell owens coming to washington. in three minutes brett haber separates fact from fiction. stay with us.
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good morning, everyonism i'm bret mayber with the wakeup sports. a 36-year-old receiver with a bad attitude. that's the kind of guy the old redskins would have gone after but not bruce ail and mike shanahan. they are the guys that hide snyders checkbook when he has an urge to sign a guy like that
6:23 am
and then we heard the name terrell owens. mcnabb was lobbying the redskins to sign the free agent even though they fat like cats and dogs while in philly. shanahan said it is not going to happen. the redskins schedule coming out on tuesday. how about this for an opening game, sunday night, september 12th at home against the cowboys and week four mcnabb returns to philly for the first time. that's going to be fun. the bye in week baseball last night, nats hosting the rockies. scott olson was the pitching victim. troy hits them deep. olson two innings, six runs allowed. you knew it would be a rough night for the nats when the opposing pitcher got him. a double scored. nats down 8-o. zimmerman had
6:24 am
that shot in the fifth. his second of the year but a drop in the bucket as the nats fall 10-4. they are 7-7. that's a look at sports. don't forget, caps and canadiens game four tonight. coverage starting tonight at 5:00. until then have a great wednesday. it is 6:24. ahead hear from a dc teacher who says the city may be fudging numbers on its improvement. and the numbers tell the tale for spirit airlines. learn what happened to since the airline decided to charge for carry on bags. kris sneed is in for angie. >> good morning. we are looking live at pennsylvania avenue and minnesota in to the district. no problems out here on the surrounding roads. we're outside on the weather terrace. we're dry now. have been seeing some showers this morning. we will pinpoint 0 that on live doppler 9000 hd and have the wednesday forecast when we return. [ beeping ]
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we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we're back with a beautiful sight. check out the sailboats along the potomac. we caught them enjoying the weather just off the coast of old town, alexandria. quite a relaxing way to spend a spring evening. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast not as calm today.
6:29 am
>> no. the clouds are building. i see the lower ones to the south and west. not raining here yet in northwest. we have showers around, especially north, south and west of us. live doppler hd. you see the activity in southern maryland. this is light stuff from charles and. light to moderate showers west of 270 and frederick and hagerstown and culpeper is really coming down west of town. go to the weather computer and show you the bigger area of showers. south of culpeper, i-64 in richmond. that will head to fredericksburg in the next 60 to 90 minutes. at times moderate showers as the morning progresses a wet day ahead and highs near 60. we start in the 40s and 50s. a traffic update here at 6:30. >> good morning. we are checking out 66 eastbound. two delays from 234 over to route 28. and then again we back down
6:30 am
from 50 to 123. moving to the beltway in virginia, two loops to look at. the inner loop braddock to 66 things are moving well. on the outer loop van doren to the wilson bridge you are not seeing problems there either. going to maryland, checking out the outer loop. we are slow from new hampshire to georgia an extra five to ten minutes for drivers right now. you can see with are backed up here at colesville and 95, bw parkway out of baltimore past 198, everything is all clear andrea. >> thank you. today congress will look in to safety issues at metro. the hearing comes as local leaders vow to make your next trip a safer one. kristin fisher is live at the king street station with a preview. >> reporter: the hearing starts at 10:00 this morning on captiol hill. the committee will be addressing three key issues that are currently facing metro. i'm talking about safety, budget and finding new leadership. now, those are the same issues
6:31 am
that were discussed yesterday among three of the top leaders in maryland, virginia and the district. as governor o'malley, governor mcdonnell and mayor fenty. the three held a press conference to say they will be calling for more accountability at today's congressional hearing. >> to be quite frank, i think we all agree we need more accountability at lamata. the fatalities and injuries are the most serious problems but our residents that ride metro every day want to see the best transit system in the country, and we should expect nothing less here in virginia, maryland and washington, d.c. now today's hearing is on the heels of a string of deadly accidents that occurred within the metro system over the past year. so at the top of the agenda is of course safety. another item on the table is metro's growing budget short falls and committee will address the search for a new permanent general manager.
6:32 am
this all boils down to one big question, should there be more federal oversight of metro? the answer to those questions will start to be answered this morning at 10:00 a.m. on captiol hill. for now, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. the effort to give the district a voting member in congress is dead, at least for now. house majority leader hoyer hoped to bring it up for a vote this week but the maryland democrat decided against it. he realized it didn't have enough support. republicans attached amendments that would have deveerly weakened the gun laws. air space throughout europe is slowly reopen in europe this morning but some airports had to close due to the volcanic ash cloud. this one of the first flights to land at heathrow airport shortly after it reopened. europe air traffic control agency expects 15,000 flights to fly today but experts admit it will be a logistical
6:33 am
nightmare. >> pretty bad. they are herding cats right now. the problem is they have to put planes back in places where they need to be. flight crews together with planes and they are not together. they are out of sequence and out of cycle. >> reporter: that's not the only problem. experts warn the volcano in iceland may not be done acting up. a special legislative session in virginia will begin without the lieutenant governor today. bill bolling is stuck in italy because of the volcano. he won't return to virginia until tomorrow. state senator charles cagan, a democrat from prince william county will fill his role. a dc teacher believes the city is ignoring a growing gap in certain group of students. he disagrees with the city's take that test scores are on the rise. >> the increase in scores was disproportionately larger for small groups.
6:34 am
for white students, hispanic students, those that don't qualify for free lunch, which means they are not economically disadvantaged. >> reporter: he presented his idea to the dc city council. the city refused the claims saying black students scores improving at a faster clip than students nationwide. jessica doyle is back with a new look at the fight between american car and farm made vehicles. >> toyota safety problems have had a significant impact on americans ' attitudes toward asian automakers. there's a new poll out produced by the associated press and it shows that more americans now say u.s. automobiles are better than cars made by asian countries, 38 to 33%. in 2006, americans preferred asian cars for quality, 46 to 29%. the change reflects toyota's fading reputation as well as growing respect for ford. consumers are still feeling
6:35 am
frugal and stores are stepping up. our partners at "usa today" report the demand for discounts is forcing high-end retailer to change how they do business, such as whole foods touting weekly sales and 53% of shoppers will buying most things on sale, that's up in 48% three years ago. big brother is looking over your shoulder and google is helping you look back. it launched a new web tool dahled government requests that lets you pay to check on which countries are requesting user information from companies and request to delete content. google launched the tool. its youtube unit as well as google received 10,000 request from government agencies in the past year. >> get big brother off of our backs, maybe. >> maybe. >> thank you. well, all of that bad press surrounding spirit airlines isn't hurting sales. the airline announced it would charge up to $45 for you to bring carry on bags the ceo
6:36 am
tells the bookings are actually up 50%. spirit says it lowered fares a the same time it announced the fee and we are sure the free publicity hasn't hurt. the morning commute may take you through the most precious ecological areas in the region. it is a ride over the american legion bridge and potomac gorge. learn why the area is under attack from an invasive species and what is being done to stop it. right now our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> we have rain around virginia not so much the immediate metro but as we look at live doppler hd you will see the showers and shenandoah valley in to northern and central virginia. this is moving northeast and locally a few light sprinkles. we will talk about what to expect for the rest of the day. 50s with off and on showers at 9:00. we will be pushing the 60- degree mark.
6:37 am
southern suburbs maybe in the low 60s but for the most part a cool damp day with off and on showers and light rain. how about the morning commute? >> we have one problem in virginia. 95 northbound in the hov lanes as you approach newington. hard to see here but you can see it is off to the right shoulder causing delays from lorton to the scene. we will switch the camera over to 123 and boone boulevard. this is at the vienna area in virginia. no problems through tysons up to gw parkway. all right. finally we will fly the dulles toll road. we have no issues coming out of 7100 all the way to route 7. we do have construction going on starting tonight that is going to cause major issues out there. check at for all details on that. 54 degrees outside. we'll be right back. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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we are back with a look at
6:42 am
the top of the charts this morning -- the earth day festival on the mall is this sunday. and the earth day report, there's a war going on in the potomac river basin. it to to stop invaders that spread to the ecosystem and cost $120 billion every year. >> when you go over the potomac river at chain bridge or the american legion bridge you are looking down at some of the rarest habitats on earth. some of those plant communities are found nowhere else but the potomac gorge. >> reporter: but this precious ecosystem is under attack from foreign invaders. >> it out competes native species for light, nutrient, soil and water. >> a growing number of warriors enlisted to fight back.
6:43 am
>> there are about 700 in montgomery county. invasive species are everywhere. take this brush for example it is fine now but we see the ginning of an invasive vine here. if this isn't devastated this bush will be devastated. >> they thought the shapes of these vines were so interesting they put them in to sculpture and display them to raise awareness about these invasive species you may call it de-vine intervention and these are pioneers in the vine arts. >> i had a dream that night with all of these pieces assembled themselves in to this sculpture. >> this is a special piece. we looked at the pile and finished off the head. it was already a camel, had the hump and we added a piece to complete it. and we is a a piece the pile and i said that's the head and cut it and brought it over. >> reporter: they hope more people will join them to help make a difference.
6:44 am
>> it is very satisfying to know we are saving some beautiful trees in our parks. >> the sculptures at the nature conserve advancecy office is outside 0 the ballston metro and the brook side gardens. click on living green for more. good programs are going on and these things you drive all over the place and you see the things they choke the trees. >> absolutely. >> our gardens will get help from mother nature this morning. >> we have some rain. more chances of rain over the weekend. start with live doppler 9000 hd because we have rain out there. much of it is light and the sprinkles but however, heavier showers in a few spots. locally still in northwest, hasn't had to open the umbrella yet but there have been showers an us. you can see them in through southeastern prince georges county, charles county, light
6:45 am
in waldorf over to bade baden. rockville and potomac and gaithersburg seeing a moderate shower there and west of vienna a couple of sprinkles. north and west over 270 to frederick and martinsburg, notice the light sprinkles and showers. a couple of heavier ones in montgomery county. and south on 81, well, that's becoming almost a steadier light rain and showers from winchester through stevens city and strasburg over to front royal, you see the darker green but this is fairly light stuff. the heaviest stuff is toward culpeper on the west side here down to orange and even going to 64. it really picks up in intensity. we have low pressure. a couple of areas of low pressure. another to the south. you see the heaviest stuff from charlottesville south to the virginia north carolina border. this will rotate east and northeast toward us. that's why through midday off and on showers. some of that will be moderate
6:46 am
at times. the next days with the forecast first, we have temperatures today that will struggle to get to 60, 61 with off and on showers. not nearly as nice as yesterday. tomorrow 70. and afternoon showers can't be ruled out and pleasant friday with highs near 70. the bus stop forecast, grab the rain gear. showers are moving in. 40s and 50s. sun up 6:25. we will have occasional showers or periods of light rain. cool 60 with a south wind five miles an hour and tonight more showers this evening. this will taper off by midnight. lows 45 to 50. winds to the west. the winds will pick up tomorrow morning out of the northwest. temperatures in the low 40s in cumberland. 49 hagerstown. 50 winchester. 52 culpeper with heavier rain near you. fredericksburg 54. 56 annapolis and locally we have temperatures running as cool as 46 in reston and great falls to 52 in brandy wine. we are at 54 with cloudy skies
6:47 am
at reagan national on the hour. the winds are light at three and the humidity is 72%. one more shot, you can see the moisture back here. there's a lot of upper-level energy and that's why we think today will be one of those days with off and on showers and then we will see a weekend forecast which has its issues, especially in to sunday and monday. here's the seven day. low 60s today if we are lucky with the showers. tomorrow an afternoon shower can't be ruled out but sunny and milder. saturday starts dry and finish with showers, 72. and showers and maybe thunder on sunday, earth day festival on the mall i will be there noon to 3:00. monday a few showers in the lower 60s. time for a traffic update. >> in virginia 95 northbound a heavy delay from the prince william parkway to 7100 report of an accident in the hov lanes near newington.
6:48 am
that delay continues. moving to 395, from the beltway up to seminary. it is an extra 10 to 15 minutes there and slow down from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. checking out the video in the district. actually going to our graphic. in the district we have road closure to watch for. new mexico avenue between mccomb street and york street northwest we have a downed pole blocking all lanes. take laurel to 45th street to get up to nebraska or down and make it to the district. going back to our cameras and checking out the outer loop, slow 95 to georgia and 270 we are seeing that delay from father hurley to the split. >> thank you, kris sneed. today a man involved in a deadly head-on collision heads to court. we told you about the crash on monday night. a car and minivan collided on alabama avenue in southeast. the driver of the car, 37-year- old mary elizabeth winbush died. the van's driver, 34-year-old
6:49 am
jones is charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say he has a history of traffic charges in maryland. a child is in the hospital in serious condition this morning after being hit by at least one car. it happened in the 500 block of kenilworth avenue in dc last night in northeast. police are not sure if a second car may have also hit the child. they believe he may have been chasing dogs when he apparently ran in to the street. in sports the capitals can take a commanding series lead with a win tonight. it's game four against the canadiens. the puck drops in montreal at 7:00. the nationals fall back to 500. former oriole melvin moore went 3 for 4 with an rbi for colorado last night. the nats lost to the rockies 10- 4. the orioles have now fallen to 2-13. they lost to the mariners last night 3-1. this series wraps up tonight in seattle. our time is 6:49.
6:50 am
54 degrees here in northwest washington. district leaders approve a plan for medical marijuana. in three minutes learn what happens next. i'm -- i'm harry smith. open windows can be a hidden hazard for children. we will see how to protect your kids from serious danger in your own home. could cell phones help to save your life? jennifer ashton explains there may be an app for that. coming up on the "early show." cc
6:51 am
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6:53 am
here's what is in the news now. pope benedict xvi promises church action against clerical sex abuse. that's word from the vatican in the last 90 minutes the pope has come under fire for handling of abuse allegations before becoming pope the dc city council voted unanimously on tuesday to allow five medical marijuana distribution centers. it would only be sold under a doctor's order.
6:54 am
the council must vote again next month and then the bill heads to congress for approval. the shuttleis back home this morning. it landed in florida yesterday. the next launch is planned for may 14th. howard? >> grab the rain gear. we will have some showers and periods of light rain today. it will be cool as highs struggle to get to 60-degree mark. kris sneed will have a look at the traffic and i will check the seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. //
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at we're back at 6:57. this happy hour really went to the dogs but it was for a good cause, clean water. this is part of earth month celebrations in our area. proceeds from the fund-raiser last night at the hotel monaco in alexandria go to the potomac conner is vancy.
6:58 am
why a doggy happy hour? >> it is just a way to really build and laze awareness on the issue and we have a lot of -- this is a pet-friendly area. so this is really helping to raise awareness for the issue. >> aveda salon and spa sponsored the event. we always like an opportunity to go out with our dogs. kris sneed is doing traffic for us. what do you see? >> in the district you are seeing a closure here at new mexico avenue. it is closed between mccomb and north street in northwest do you due to a downed pole. checking out 95 northbound. delays are clearing up to 7100 and we will move to 66 eastbound. we will watch for rain in to manassas and slow here to route 28 and 50 to 123. i want to remind everyone it is effort quake. check out the revamped green section a lot of activities and
6:59 am
events there along with great stories. live doppler 9000 hd hack lot of activity. it will be approaching prince william county, stafford county and up to the district and maryland the next hour, hour and a half so keep your eyes on that. seven-day forecast, showers off and on today with light rain, maybe 61 if we are lucky. tomorrow more sunshine and an afternoon shower can't be ruled out it is nice on friday. the weekend features showers especially by sunday. earth day festival is happening on the national mall. as for wall street a mixed picture. tech stocks are higher while the dow may head lower. >> the "early show" is next. learn when international air travel could get back to normal and why don't sweat the small stuff could lead to big stuff. get the news, weather and traffic at of course we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have

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